The best Side of A State of Sight - Conjunctivitis

Civillty (n.) The state of society by which the relations and duties of the citizen are identified and obeyed; a state of civilization.

Chimney-breast (n.) The horizontal projection of a chimney from your wall by which it can be constructed; -- usually placed on its projection in the inside of the creating only.

Cafileh (n.) A caravan of travelers; a navy provide train or governing administration caravan; a string of pack horses.

Castellany (n.) The lordship of the castle; the extent of land and jurisdiction appertaining to a castle.

Coat (n.) A layer of any material covering Yet another; a canopy; a tegument; as, the coats of the eye; the coats of an onion; a coat of tar or varnish.

Chape (n.) The piece by which an object is attached to something, as being the frog of the scabbard or even the metal loop at the back of a buckle by which it truly is mounted to some strap.

Capstan (n.) A vertical cleated drum or cylinder, revolving on an upright spindle, and surmounted by a drumhead with sockets for bars or levers. It is much made use of, Specifically on shipboard, for relocating or elevating hefty weights or exerting fantastic energy by traction upon a rope or cable, passing round the drum.

Calendar (n.) An orderly list or enumeration of see this here persons, things, or functions; a schedule; as, a calendar of state papers; a calendar of expenses presented within a legislative assembly; a calendar of results in arranged for demo in court docket; a calendar of a higher education or an academy.

Chiastolite (n.) A variety of andalusite; -- referred to as also macle. The tessellated overall look of a cross portion is as a result of symmetrical arrangement of impurities in the crystal.

Cacolet (n.) A chair, litter, or other contrivance equipped for the again or pack saddle of the mule for carrying vacationers in mountainous districts, or for that transportation from the Ill and wounded of a military.

Cheiloplasty (n.) The process of forming a man-made suggestion or Component of a lip, through the use of for that function a bit of healthful tissue taken from some neighboring part.

Cemetery (n.) A place or floor set apart for your burial in the dead; a graveyard; a churchyard; a necropolis.

Chicane (n.) The usage of artful subterfuge, made to draw away focus with the deserves of a circumstance or query; -- especially applied to lawful proceedings; trickery; chicanery; caviling; sophistry.

Chorion (n.) The outer membrane which invests the fetus within the womb; also, the comparable membrane investing numerous ova at particular stages of development.

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